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Tips and Tricks on How to Accessorize Like a Pro

Accessories are an essential part of any outfit, adding that extra touch of personality and style. However, many people find accessorizing to be intimidating. How do you decide which pieces look great on which? How many is too many? And how do you make sure your accessories complement your outfit without overwhelming it?

In this post, we’ll share our top tips and tricks for accessorizing like a pro, so you can add the perfect finishing touches to any outfit.

Start with the basics

Before you start adding more accessories to your collection, it’s important to have a solid foundation to build on. This means investing in a few key pieces that can be mixed and matched with a variety of outfits. For example, a classic watch can be worn with anything from a casual tee and jeans to a formal dress, while a pair of diamond studs can add a touch of elegance to any look. A versatile handbag is also a must-have, as it can be dressed up or down and carried from day to night.

Basic Accessories

Mix metals and textures

Mixing metals and textures can add interest and depth to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver, or to combine leather and metal. For example, a silver watch can be paired with gold bangles or a leather bracelet for a chic and eclectic look.

Play with scale

Varying the size of your accessories can add visual interest to your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a statement necklace, pair it with smaller earrings or skip them altogether to avoid overwhelming your look. On the other hand, if you’re wearing delicate earrings, you can go bold with a chunky bracelet or an oversized ring to balance out your accessories.

Use accessories to elevate a simple outfit

Even the most basic outfit can be elevated with the right accessories. For example, a colorful scarf can add interest to a simple tee and jeans, while a statement belt can transform a monochrome outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different accessories to see what works best with your style.

Don’t forget about your hair and makeup

Your hair and makeup can also be accessories, and they can make a big impact on your overall look. Try a bold lip color, a sleek ponytail, or a fun hair accessory to complement your outfit and add some personality.

Experiment with layering

Layering accessories is a great way to create depth and dimension in your outfit. For example, you can try stacking bracelets of different widths and textures, layering necklaces of different lengths, or wearing multiple rings on one hand. However, be careful not to go overboard – it’s important to balance your accessories so they complement each other rather than compete for attention.

Accessorize Yourself

Know when to stop

As with any aspect of fashion, there is such a thing as too much. If you’re wearing a statement piece like a bold necklace or earrings, keep the rest of your accessories simple. And if you’re wearing multiple accessories, make sure they complement each other rather than competing for attention. Remember, the goal is to enhance your outfit, not overwhelm it.

By following these tips and tricks, you can accessorize like a pro and take your outfits to the next level. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just adding some flair to your everyday look, the right accessories can make all the difference. 

Accessorizing can be a fun and exciting way to add personality and style to your outfit. By following these tips and tricks, you can accessorize like a pro and take your outfits to the next level. Whether you’re looking for classic pieces to build your collection or bold statement pieces to make a statement, Nordstrom has a wide selection of accessories to choose from. From watches and jewelry to handbags and hair accessories, Nordstrom offers a variety of high-quality and on-trend pieces to suit every style and budget. So whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just adding some flair to your everyday look, Nordstrom has everything you need to accessorize like a pro. Happy shopping!

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