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What can you possibly think for your cute little fluffy friend at home? Your cat is your Blood Pressure controller, your friend when you are most alone. What would like to buy to keep your friend busy that keeps you occupied when you have nothing to do but look at that little ball of pure fur?  If you cannot think of anything special and do not have any idea what amuses your cat the most, the best is to log on to Soft Paws and check what they have in store for your cat. They know it best, they have known cats and dogs for years and they know what these human-friendly animals want the most from their human owners.  If you are still confused about the accessories, supplies, and toys you can get for your cats you got to check out the wide range of products SoftPaws has for cats. If the current inflation hit and price surging bother you, look up Soft Paws Coupon Codes.

Soft Paws Cats' Toys

Crinkle Tail Catnip Bird Toy 

Crinkle Tail Catnip Bird Toy at Soft Paws for sale

Have your seen your kitten run around after an empty water bottle and enjoy the sound that comes out of it when it jumps over it? Tell you a secret? Cats love a good crinkle sound, you may have seen them playing with an old toy of your kid when it is left abandoned on the floor. The cats just come and grab it. The Crinkle Tail Catnip bird at Soft Paws is a sure temptation for your kitty. It makes that perfect crinkle sound and has a tiny little bell with potent catnip inside of it. It will surely make your cat feel like a hunter: stalking, grabbing, and nibbling on this cute toy bird. 


Colorful Comets Catnip Toy 

Colorful Comets Catnip Toy - Single - Assorted at Soft Paws on sale
Comets, fascinate even humans leave alone the cats because for them, catching is not just fun but they want to eat one. Colorful Comets catnip toys at Soft Paws are your kitty delight. And they come in with very cheap prices when you use Soft Paws coupon codes. Your cat will catch this soft comet by its tail and run around the whole house celebrating the achievement. 

These comets have a softball, with a fluffy tail. You would love to see your cat go crazy pouncing on this soft toy. They come in different colors. 

Ratherbee Candy Cane Organic Catnip Toy

Ratherbee Candy Cane at Soft Paws
How much your cat loves to snuggle and purr around your Christmas stockings and other valuable things. Well, this may be because your cat wants to show you how it loves you. But sometimes it becomes too much and you want your cat not to do it. How do you make your cat avoid this? Ratherbee Catnip Candy Cane is an amazing toy. It is stuffed with very strong catnip. Its perfect size for holiday stockings will delight your cat and the sugar-free goodness stuffed in it will never make your cat sick. It is perfect for playing Hide and Seek with your cat, tossing and playing definitely keeps your kitten occupied for hours. 



Da Bird Toy

Da Bird Wand Toy at Soft Paws
Have you ever thought much your cat loves to catch birds? Oh, come on you can not deny the fact that they still have the wild instinct of catching birds for a meal. Soft Paws has Da Bird Toy, it's fun for your cat and equally fun for the owner, imagine when your cat jumps and tries to catch the aerodynamically configured feather attached to a 36" fiberglass rod. The nylon string attached to the rod is braided. The action of features imitates a real bird. With this toy, you can teach your kitten how to jump, chase and even fetch an object. It is a great exercise for cats and kittens. 


This is not it, there are dozens and dozens of toys for your cats at Soft Paws and you can use Soft Paws coupon codes to get any of these toys at discounted rates. 



Accessories for Cats 


When you have pets you have to take care of them no matter what, and taking care of cats is not an easy task. This meticulous task has beasedPaws'the Soft Paws huge collection of cat accessories. They have everything you need to groom your cat and teach it to behave well. 


Nail Clippers for Cats

Nail Clippers for Cats for sale
These stainless steel blade nail clippers for cats are the best to keep at home for you never know when your cat's nails grow to a length that they may hurt your kids. They make your cat-groom task fairly pain-free. These clippers have a safety grip that you make hurt yourself when doing the job. It is a product recommended by professionals for all those who love to groom their cats themselves. 


Restraint Air Muzzle 

Restraint Air Muzzle at Soft Paws for sale
This neck extension shields the ventral vision of cats giving safe time for professional groomers and veterinarians and technicians to perform jugular venipuncture. This device permits the veterinarian and staff to do their examination in greater safety. The current design of the collar helps the muzzle slip easily on and off the cat's head. This doesn’t block the sight of the animal so there is less chance of fright and stress. It can be quickly applied and removed from the animal’s head. A very valuable accessory for both: those who like to treat the animals at home or take them to the vet. The superior restraint eliminates the potential danger of cats and dogs bites. This 360-degree face mask is ideal for oral, ophthalmic, and even nasal examination. Its durable and translucent ABS plastic last doesn’t worry you about buying it again and again. Though you may not have to buy it again for a long time if you want to buy some accessories for your cats you should use Soft Paws coupon codes as they are very helpful in getting discounts. And for this restraint, you can buy replacement parts if you lose any or if your cat nibbles on it. 



Feliway Pheromone Spray

Feliway Pheromone Spray at Soft Paws for sale
Feliway is a spray that clams and reduces the territorial stress and negative behavior of your cat. It is sprayed at the nose level so that the cat feels at home and does have to go on spraying its ‘liquid pheromones’ everywhere in the house. It makes the cat avoid rubbing itself everywhere. Fliway helps deter your cat from scratching carpets and sofas. It helps ease the stress of visitors on cats. When you are traveling you can spray it in the carrier and your cat will not feel uncomfortable. 



Cat Cave 

Cat Cave at Soft Paws for sale
Your cat loves to curl in a small hiding place to feel secure or comfortable or to own a certain spot in the house. This cat cave that comes in different colors can help your fluffy friend take a nap or watch the happenings in the house from its most secure spot. This helps them feel safe and also satisfies the hunter instincts they have not forgotten after these many centuries of domestication. These cat caves are made from 100% New Zealand wool and are handmade. It's cozy and can be used in winters as a cover sheet for your cat. They are easy to clean and come in colors that are safe for cats, the dyes are not harmful. And most of all they look like small art piece that looks good even when your cat is out playing. 


This is not an exhaustive list of what is in the store at Soft Paws for your cats. You can have a look at their wide range of quality products yourself but don’t forget to use Soft Paws coupon codes because when you buy obviously you wouldn’t like to pay the full amount. It’s always good to take advantage of the promotional offers that are available online. 

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