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Letsfit Smartwatch ID205L Review

For this month's review we are working with our partner Letsfit for their Smartwatch ID205L. Smart watches have become everyday accessories these days expanding on the use of our smart phones on the go. These smart watches started out as fitness trackers with various types of functions including step tracking, heart rate tracking, calorie tracking but now some of these even come with capacity to recieve phone calls and text messages. 

Letsfit smartwatch ID205L is an inexpensive and a cute watch for everyday use for teens and adults. Here are some of the features which we would like to mention:

lets fit smart watch

Design and Specs for Smartwatch ID205L:

lets fit smartwatch design

The Letsfit Smartwatch ID205L looks very similar to an Apple Watch in regards to shape and size. A rectangular case with rounded corners, glass face, and pseudo-digital crown button on the right side of the frame. The bezel around the watch face is slim, but the actual display is a 1.3-inch square LCD. It's a nice display, vibrant, defined, and very responsive to touch screen movements.

The interface is simple and easy to use: Swipe left to find various apps, right for quick settings (do not disturb, find my phone, etc.), up for notifications, and down to go through monitored activity. The side button/digital crown takes you to the main screen and turns the display on and off. The crown also rotates, but has no actual function attached to it.

Features for Smartwatch ID205L:

The Letsfit ID205L tracks several benchmarks for yoour fitnees tracking needs: Distance, step count, calories burned, workout-specific "sport mileage," sleep, and heart rate. The built-in heart rate monitor is set up for continuous 24-hour monitoring (which can be turned off to save battery life). There’s no built-in GPS, but the watch can use your phone’s GPS if they are connected. The ID205L also has several workout modes (run, walk, bike, hike, climbing, treadmill, spinning, and yoga) which come very handy for tracking more accurately the calories burnt for each activity

Performance for Smartwatch ID205L:

The ID205L is a little slow when it comes to heart rate tracking. Not totally inaccurate, but inconsistent. About 90 percent of the time the ID205L measured my heart rate accurately. The other 10 percent of the time, my heart rate would be inaccurate. I'd look down and it would say my heart rate was 105 while my Apple Watch was reading 65, and then the next reading both monitors would say 65. The majority of the ID205L's readings however, are accurate, so you shouldn't have any issue tracking an accurate look at your heart rate.


Battery Life:

The ID205L has decent battery life, though it changes quite a bit depending on how you use it. I had no problem getting the 10 days of battery life with what I consider to be regular usage , though GPS workouts seem to be the biggest battery drain. It has a spectacular standby battery too: I charged the ID205L when I first received it, but set it aside when COVID-19 started going crazy. It  lasted about four months on standby. 

Letsfit ID205L Comparison to Apple Watch:

The ID205L is pretty basic, design-wise, compared to the Apple Watch. It's a little flatter than the Apple Watch and its case is plastic, so this also makes it a bit lighter. The Apple Watch SE doesn't feel bulky on my wrist, but the ID205L is just a little bit sleeker. Letsfit doesn't seem to have any ID205L-specific replacement straps for sale, but the straps are installed via quick-release spring bar, so any generic quick-release watch band should be compatible.



The Verdict:

The ID205L is definitely not a device that can compete with high-end smartwatches or even high-end fitness trackers. However, it is very inexpensive and you get a lot for what you pay for. It all comes down to what you want in a smartwatch. The ID205L is ideal in a few areas: It's light and comfortable to wear; it has a vibrant simple display and it provides quick notifications and alerts from a variety of third-party apps. It's not the most accurate tracker but it's not too bad, especially if you use it paired with another device—such as your phone, which you'll need anyway for GPS connectivity. This watch also comes with 1 year free extended warranty once you register your product online so it make us even better to try with no risks involved.

Letsfit Coupon Codes:

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Have you made a recent purchse with Letsfit? Please share your experience of how do you like it with us

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