Have a Nike Day! Flex Your Nike on First Day of School

So the lit days of school are back upon us. Some of us are gonna go back to school, while others will be attending classes from home. Whatever the case may be with you, you know you gotta look good. One big way to slay at that is to wear snatched fits and accessories. Let Nike come to the rescue!

With their new fire lewks and accessories, especially footwear, that you will high key love, you are gonna make a lot of your bud's wig. The trick is to carefully select, taking your time in choosing the best Nike product(s) for yourself. But you gotta be careful not to be thirsty or appear extra. Just see what looks good on you and you will slay. Even the simplest designs or colors have the power to make some stans for you.

Let’s dig a little into how to select the best Nike for you so you can flaunt the fit and/or accessory on the first day of your school when it reopens.

Nothing beats trying:


Well, the coronavirus is still alive and kicking. It sucks, yeah, but it does not mean no going out to shop. We have to go to grocery stores, right? Scientists recommend us to stay home and avoid going out unnecessarily, but they also allow us to go out if we absolutely have to and they have told us how we are supposed to go out. Mask. Wear one whenever you have to go out. We are not encouraging you here to go out. We are just saying you gotta wear a mask whenever you absolutely have to leave home. It’s worth mentioning here that stores have their SOPs, too, i.e. they allow you to enter in a way that ensures your and their staff’s safety, with one of the procedures being the requirement of a mask that you must be wearing when entering the store and throughout your stay there. Most Nike stores are now welcoming back customers – which means you can try all the latest Nike collections before you buy, which, in turn, means you can see for yourself which Nike product will look great on you so you can flex it on the school’s first day when it reopens!

High-resolution screens help shop for the best

If you are uncomfortable going to stores, you can always shop online. The high-resolution screens of our mobile devices, laptops, and desktop machines these days mean we can see product photos and videos in the best, original colors. Talking about outfits and accessories like shoes, such screens really help us decide whether or not a particular dress or shoes will look good on us. So, you can still find the best Nike for yourself and flex it on the first day even if you shop online.

You will be taking classes from home?

The process for buying yourself the best Nike obviously remains the same. If you wanna go to a Nike store near you, you will get to try their latest products before you buy the best one for yourself. If you prefer to shop online, your hi-res screen will help you a great deal.

Some best Nike for most

Among a plethora of great products that Nike offers, it understandably gets difficult to choose one. It’s truer with Nike shoes. To try to make it a little easier for you, let us suggest two of our own favorites that are also incredibly popular among the masses.

Nike Airforce 1

Created by designer Bruce Kilgore, the Nike Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe to use the Nike Air technology. These shoes are sold in 5 different styles -- low, mid, superlow, high, and super high. As performance shoes, the AF1s are still used for street play and professional play. NBA players Jerry Stackhouse (who now wears Adidas) and Rasheed Wallace have worn AF1s on the court! You just cannot go wrong with this Nike product.

Cheap Nike Air Max

Nike is running a clearance sale on these extremely popular shoes. Check it out on Nike’s official site. As for these shoes, it should be really enough to mention that Tom Holland wears white and blue Air Max 1 while portraying Peter Parker / Spider-Man in the 2019 film “Spider-Man: Far From Home.”

Where to buy cheap Nike shoes online? itself is the best place, as Nike often runs clearance sales there. Besides, check out the websites of Macy’s, Finish Line, Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Eastbay & Final-Score, and Academy Sports, as they also offer cheap Nike shoes online.

After you have shopped, have a great Nike day on your first day of school!

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