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Best Xbox Educational Games

Xbox is the most popular gaming Console in the world with services including X-box live and team plays for adults. But does it have any educational games for kids? The answer is Yes it does! Whether you want the kids to improve their critical learning skills, Math, History or langauge skills there is an Xbox educational game for that.

In this day and age schools and teachers are taking advantage of online services all the time. Due to this reason kids today are also looking for these avenues to learn about their favorite subjects. Hands On learning is seen as the most fun and longlasting way of learning rather than memorizing and studying examples.They perceive and catch up faster through gaming because they are less patient than adults are. Here is the list of some of the best Xbox Educational Games for kids by age

Best Xbox Educational Games for Preschoolers

There are tons of choices for this age for educational games online and apps. Here are our recommendations especially from and some of them are free which you can't go wrong with:

Kids Insect Jigsaw Puzzle and Memory Games:

kids insect jigsaw puzzle xbox

This educational App helps young children learn all about the insect world while developing their hand eye coordination, puzzle solving skills and memory skills.It is an extremely unique learning game with realistic insect sounds and photo quality pictures. This will be the new favorite of all kids from toddlers to kindergartners. Also available with bonus memory, maze navigation and flash card maths games. If you like this game then get it hare Kids Insect Jigsaw Puzzle and Memory Games 

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection:

zoo animal ultimateee collection xbox

Zoo Tycoon is an extremely popular series which comees to ultimate experience in this game called Ultimate Animal collection. This game lets you build, manage, and maintain your dream zoo alone or with up to four players on Xbox LIVE. Loved by all ages and rated for everyone. Checkout this game at Microsoft 

Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster - Xbox 360:

Sesame Street Once Upon A Monster Xbox

Which preschooler doesn't like Seseme Street! This game has all the favorite Sesame Street characters including Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Grover in an interactive story. Once Upon A Monster consists of chapters and each chapter has a series of mini-games. The mini-games are easy for an adult but provides enough challenge for a kid to enjoy. It makes for a good family game and the older kids can also enjoy it with their younger siblings. Available at Amazon in used or new condition

Best Xbox Educational Games for 8-10 years old:

For kids who are in primary grades, here is the list of top Xbox Educational games that make learning not only easier but more fun for kids:


insects xbox
Science is so much fun especially when the nature can be experienced with top HD quality with beautiful closeup shots. Insects is a real-time interactive demo with enhanced visuals, spatial audio, and high dynamic range. This game is developed & published by Microsoft Corporations and was initially made for game developers. Later it ventured off to be used for educational purposes and is being used in different educational institutes. Insects looks best when paired with a 4K Ultra HD TV with support for High Dynamic Range but can be enjoyed on all Xbox One consoles and displays. Available for Free at

Super Brain:

super brain xbox

This is a number 1 Puzzle game on Microsoft Store ! With 100 levels its enough to occupy your kids for days. It pushes your kids to think and rethink in different ways to cross the levels, by clicking, shaking the phone, reasoning, and so on the way to break the game. Great for kids who like to braek codes and have mathematical reasoning skills or want to sharp the ones. Available for Free at

Banjo Kazooie: 

Banjo Kazooie

Based on two iconic gaming characters in a unique adventure that requires all the brain power your kid can get. In this educational game players will build unique vehicles to compete in a variety of challenges. Great for the kids in designing cars and playing legos. Get this game from Mocrosoft here at Banjo Kazooie 

Best Xbox Educational Games for 12 and Older:


ScreamRide xbox

If you have budding engineers who love to learn the joy of creation and destruction , Scream Ride is the game to play for them. They would be creating the most epic rides for their virtual thrill seekers as they solve complex construction puzzles and lay down efficient demolition explosions to make way for the creation of the most impressive rides. Rated for 10 and above. Starting form $29.99

Cities Skylines – Xbox One Edition:

Cities Skylines xbox

This is the game for kids to experience a fulfilling career in planning and community development by learning the ins and outs of city managementCities Skylines – Xbox One Edition is a critically acclaimed game to let the kids create (from the ground up) their very own metropolis complete with a host of micromanagement features, public policies, and crisis management. This is way too much fun even for an adult to handle!

Rocket League:

Rocket League xbox

This is the game designed to be played with all neighbourhood friends. It's a unique combination of soccer and driving which makes it a perfect game for a big group of kids. Kids will start off the game by doing basic driving maneuvers and hitting the giant ball but later they will be performing aerial “headers” and drawing up complex team plays. It eeven has the automated team when playing solo and comes with several game modes. Get this game for 50% discount at


IDARB xbox

This game is one of the best family-friendly multiplayer games in Xbox community. It supports between two and eight playersIDARB is sort of a cross between a platformer, action game, basketball game, and pop culture, all combined together on one screen. To be successful the players need quick reflexes and solid teamwork, but this is one of those rare games in which you’ll have a great time even if you’re not quite sure what’s going on.

In conclusion you can find many more kids educational games on Xbox no matter what you and your kids aree trying to learn and have fun simultaneously. You can also save on all these games and even on sucbscriptions by visiting our Xbox Coupon Page where these coupons are updated every day. So make your choice and start playing!

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